Data Centre Services

NTT’s Data Centre Services provide you a high-quality long-term solution to increase your business’s efficiency and reduce your risks and costs, no matter where you are in the world.

Managing your own data centre, especially in a global organisation, is a difficult task. Your team needs to be available 24x7 with the right skills to do the job.

Transitioning your in-house environment to an NTT data centre reduces the hassle and cost of managing your own data centre team. Our professionals are ready to provide you immediate on-site access to skilled engineers, day and night.


Colocate your data centre at NTT ICT’s world-class facilities, offering security, performance, quality and flexibility.


Migrate your data to an NTT location, easily, seamlessly and effectively.

Network Services

Access to NTT’s broad range of global network services to link DC’s together using public networks or private networks.

Providing Services to GovDC

We can help your government agency relocate your data centre infrastructure into GovDC. See the different solutions we can provide at GovDC