Public Cloud & Enterprise Cloud Computing

NTT ICT’s Enterprise Cloud Computing platform is an on-demand, self-service cloud designed to meet your requirements for reliability, security and agility. Not only this, it can facilitate the rapid deployment of infrastructure on a global scale.

Cost-effective and flexible, the Cloud Computing platform is suitable for small and large-scale enterprises across the region and globe. Easy-to-use and accessible, NTT ICT will ensure that its implementation is matched with the best quality customer support.

Security is a core component of our public cloud platform, so there’s no need to worry about using third party software to protect your assets. You can deploy security and load-balancing devices dynamically as required with our rich portal system. Additional security services can also be deployed to enhance security such as network IDS/IPS, email and web anti-virus, URL and application filtering, web application firewall, real-time malware detection, VM security and profiling services. 

Watch a demo of the NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud Computing Portal


Our Public Cloud is engineered to deliver:

  • Performance: With guaranteed, uncontended resources, you have full control of your networks and instances of load balancing and computing through an easy-to-use self-service portal which also allows you to create resources on demand.
  • Flexibility: Leverage the elasticity of the public cloud and scale up or down as required for local and global operations. Leverage existing OS templates, or upload your own pre-built VM images. Deploy security and load-balancing devices dynamically as required
  • Cost optimisation: With low infrastructure costs, the public cloud is available at a much lower cost than traditional in-house IT solutions – and with attractive options to pay for what you use, bill per minute and flat rate bandwidth billing.
  • Security: With security a core concern, choose from a rich set of security features backed by global security NOC covering all aspects of cloud platform security, ranging from anti-virus to malware detection and profiling services. Your data is safely stored in Australia unless you choose to send it elsewhere.
  • Customer support: Backed by a 99.99% up-time Service Level Agreement, our team of experts will deliver the cloud with a short lead time and back up its performance with support and help available 24/7/365.


The NTT ICT Public Cloud service features:

  • Hybrid interconnectivity to allow private network connectivity into external assets, and private WAN connectivity into the cloud platform
  • Software-defined networks (SDNs) for scaling network link size according to demand
  • Scalability to pay for what you use
  • Burst up to 25% above committed resource figures free of charge
  • Free connection from Enterprise Cloud into NTT’s Arcstar Universal One network
  • Increase performance and availability by using virtualized load balancing services


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