Oracle Cloud Services

Oracle software is widely used by Enterprise and Government to support a broad range of mission critical business functions. However traditionally Oracle software has proved difficult to run successfully in the cloud.

NTT is Oracle's largest infrastructure partner in Australia, and routinely manages some of the largest Oracle environments in the country. With this heritage NTT has developed a suite of Oracle based Cloud services designed to help Enterprise and Government transition what were traditionally cloud-un-friendly workloads into a Cloud environment. These Oracle Cloud services, coupled with NTT’s broader range of Public and Private Cloud offerings built on VMware and OpenStack, means Enterprise has a truly hybrid solution designed to allow optimal workload placement, whilst seamlessly joining platforms together for ease of consumption.

NTT’s Oracle Cloud Services suite includes;

  • Oracle Private Cloud services. Customized to your specific requirements, and leveraging Oracle virtualization and Oracle Engineered systems for an optimal mix of performance and license optimization.
  • Oracle SPARC Cloud. NTT’s Oracle SPARC Cloud is a public cloud service designed to allow the modernization of traditional SPARC Solaris workloads into a true Cloud environment. This SPARC Cloud platform is an extension of NTT’s Public Cloud environment, allowing for seamless connectivity between SPARC based workloads, and X86 workloads.
  • Oracle DBaaS. NTT has developed and Oracle Database PaaS environment designed to allow Enterprise and Government to concentrate on application development and maintenance, without having to worry about underlying Database infrastructure. With platform options based on Oracle X86 and Oracle SPARC, and leveraging Oracle Hard Partitioning license boundaries, this environment is designed to optimize your Oracle license investment, whilst still allowing connectivity into non-Oracle workloads and environments.


NTT ICT’s Oracle Cloud Services are engineered to deliver:

  • High availability across all environments: Reduce the risk of losing data from the failure of operating systems or older equipment.
  • License Optimization: By leveraging Oracle Hard Partitioning license boundaries you can optimize your Oracle license investment
  • Improved Performance: Oracle software is designed to run better on Oracle infrastructure. By leveraging an Oracle on Oracle stack you can expect consistent performance of your Oracle environment
  • Savings on human resources: Optionally bundle in NTT’s broad range of Oracle Managed Services and remove the burden of maintaining uptime in your Oracle environment from your in-house IT team.

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