Hybrid Cloud

NTT ICT’s Hybrid Cloud solutions combine the best features our Public Enterprise Cloud platform with our Private Cloud service, offering a way to solve business problems that can’t be addressed by a single cloud product.

You benefit from solutions engineered with functionality at the forefront. Private connectivity between your colocation or private cloud environments can be deployed quickly and simply. This means you can run traditionally non-cloud-friendly software (such as Oracle DB Enterprise Edition) in a way that satisfies the licensing requirements of vendors while still providing the flexibility and scalability inherent in the Cloud.

We provide Hybrid Cloud functionality both by colocating assets in the same physical data centres as the Enterprise cloud platform, as well as by leveraging NTT ICTs’s Tier 1 Global MPLS Network (Arcstar/UNO) to provide secure, private connectivity between regions.


Our Hybrid Cloud service is engineered to deliver:

  • The inherent scalability of our Public Enterprise Cloud platform
  • The flexibility, security and performance of our Private Cloud services
  • Licensing flexibility not traditionally available in a public cloud solution

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