Cloud Management Platform

The adoption of the cloud has delivered major benefits but has left IT organisations to manage a more widely distributed and complex network of IT assets. In many cases, IT departments are not aware of how many cloud resources are being used by their business.

NTT ICT now offers a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) which is a Software as a Service (SaaS) management tool that provides visibility across the broadest range of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and network assets – and will enable you to gain control over your IT estate.

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CMP can discover assets located in many platforms, and collate financial and operational information from each asset into one holistic and organisation-wide view. It allows users to tag assets with relevant organisational information to create customisable dashboard outputs that are meaningful at any business level.


Accelerate IT Decision Making

Collect all of your operational and commercial IT information in one place; group information by customer, application, organisational unit or custom business logic; and use the built-in analytics to simplify and display IT information via user-definable dashboards.

Optimise Costs

Analytics can be employed to understand current spend and utilisation and predict future trends. Capacity thresholds can be set to alert you to the risk of overspending against budgets

Deliver a better customer experience

A central point of visibility helps organisations identify issues before they become incidents, isolate causes of incidents faster, and identify potential capacity shortfalls before they create customer downtime.

Easier Compliance

Deploy alert rule sets for when critical data is moved to geographic or cloud locations outside of business and compliance rules.

Eliminate Shadow IT

Allows you to consume a broader range of IT services than traditionally delivered by in-house IT – while still maintaining environmental control.

HOW NTT ICT’s Cloud Management Platform WORKS?

NTT ICT’s CMP can reduce the complexity of managing complicated ICT environment and provide you with control for ICT estate allowing you to focus on enabling your business to achieve its goals.

It is a solution that offers on-demand, fully automated cloud analytics and reporting that supports all the leading cloud service providers delivering visibility across usage statistics, availability, consumption control, cost reporting all with customisable dashboard views.

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