Cloud Control

Cloud Control is a software-as-a-service management tool that provides visibility, control and orchestration across on-premise VMware, OracleVM Server and bare metal environments plus cloud-based workloads from NTT ICT, AWS, Azure and Google.


Deliver IT Faster

Use orchestration to deploy or retire resources from existing templates, track resources in a common service catalogue, start or stop resources, and make changes to resource CPU, memory or disk from a common service tool.

Reduce Troubleshooting Time

Simplify trouble shooting with a single management view across distributed resources. Use “smart-state” analysis to find detailed resource information quickly and “drift” analysis to show a history of resource changes.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Enables your IT team to reduce resource usage and cost with detailed utilisation data and “right-sizing” analytics. Orchestration and automation functions means your IT team focuses its precious time on adding value over configuration and maintenance tasks.

Simpler Security Compliance

Simplify compliance. Your policy manager can track key resource characteristics such as acceptable location, operating system version, packaging (and many others) and alerting – and take action in the event of any change outside of policy.

Accelerate DevOps Benefits

Get access to DevOps functionality with lower cost, risk and time than doing it yourself. DevOps engineers are in demand and it’s difficult and expensive to find the right people to deploy your own DevOps. Get the benefits of DevOps with Cloud Control.

Why Cloud Control? 

Most organisations use a combination of internal virtualisation and cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service, but each of these environments is managed separately. This adds to operational overhead and creates complexity.

Traditionally, an enterprise IT team would manage workloads via disparate management tools, often by siloed IT teams. This often led to complex and time-consuming operational processes to manage and maintain environments, particularly where linkages between environments were required.

Cloud Control is a single-pane-of-glass tool designed to simplify the management of an IT estate that spans multiple cloud platforms. Cloud Control includes a service catalogue, enables orchestration and modification of virtual machines, provides console access and delivers granular monitoring and analysis of assets under management.


Why Choose ntt Communications for managing cloud assets

Global Leader

NTT has 20 years’ experience delivering cloud and managed services globally and within Australia. NTT is also positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, Asia/Pacific, 2015 and 2016.

Unique Service Model

Cloud Control has the broadest range of cloud infrastructure under management and is one of the easiest automation tools to adopt as it comes as a pre-packaged service.

Local Support

Services are backed by an in-country 24x7 service desk, engineering and architectural team. Customers have access to a named account manager and service delivery manager.

DevOps Heritage

NTT have been working with software-defined infrastructure since the start of the DevOps movement and have a depth of practical experience in Cloud Orchestration and Automation Technology.

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