NTT ICT technology refresh kicks goals for SBS

Client: SBS

Business Challenge: Server Solution

Industry: Media

Solution: Partner - Oracle

Location: Australia


Upgrading hardware infrastructure for SBS to support a network of 12 market including names such as SBS ONE and SBS 2, National Indigenous TV (NITV) and subscription channels World Movies and STUDIO, SBS Radio and SBS Online.


Ageing server infrastructure at SBS was putting broadcast ability at risk.


  • Project management for technology refresh
  • Technology underpinning enterprise critical applications
  • Oracle licensing compliance
  • Planning and implementation of 3 x Oracle SPARC T5-2 servers
  • Oracle Pillar Axiom 600 high performance modular storage system
  • Oracle Active Data Guard


  • Faster response time with the new infrastructure
  • NTT ICT solution of Oracle’s SPARC T5-2 Servers contained costs and reduced the complexity right across SBS operations
  • The solution provided much improved overall service availability

A well-loved institution that relies on sponsors and advertisers.

The SBS technology infrastructure is essential to support a network of 12 markets including names such as SBS ONE and SBS 2, National Indigenous TV (NITV) and subscription channels World Movies and STUDIO, SBS Radio and SBS Online. This unique business is run on a Sintec Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS) with Oracle. IBMS is the authoritative data source for all SBS content from acquisition to sales, asset management, broadcasting and reconciliation. While ostensibly a government funded enterprise, SBS is a hybrid model broadcaster which generates around a third of its funding from its own commercial revenues. It has an efficient and agile culture which has evolved from years of modest funding. Any interruption to the delivery or performance of programming risks serious consequences for its critical dependency with advertisers and sponsors.

"We had concerns as to whether the servers would hold and they were becoming increasingly hard to manage" said Randeep Rana, Group Manager Solutions SBS

The underpinning hardware infrastructure as described by Randeep Rana, Group Manager Solutions at SBS, “has to provide a reliable, accessible, robust system with unparalleled uptime.

Outdated Servers

SBS policy is to carry out a hardware refresh every 5-7 years. Budgetary constraints, however, meant the Sun servers supporting core applications were overdue for updating. While the team endeavoured to maximise the life of the servers, support and performance were under pressure and by late 2013, no further software upgrades were feasible on the ageing servers. Compatibility was threatened and there was not enough disk space.

Complexity and ultimate reliability call for a highly, dynamic and responsive system

The IBMS system is concurrently used by up to 200 national and international employees throughout SBS television as well as the advertising component of SBS Radio and the television program schedule feeds to SBS Online. Complexity increases as different advertising is segmented to each market, in its specific time zone, even if the content is the same. While schedules are compiled daily, changes occur right up to the last minute. The IBMS environment also has to adapt to new reporting structures, rules and legislative compliance. The final project brief called for a hardware refresh. It also required a new disaster recovery solution.

Long established relationships

With a relationship spanning over 12 years, NTT ICT (formerly as Frontline), had supported SBS with the significant demands on the system infrastructure as well as providing short term technical resources gaps when needed.

"During the lead up to the project NTT ICT was on hand to answer every query and to meet with us as often as was needed to fully spec the task. No effort was too much and the account management was diligent and meticulous" said Randeep Rana.

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