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Your 5 day consulting engagement that will provide you with a current and future state analysis of key aspects of your infrastructure.


NTT ICT’s complete package to ensure your IT infrastructure meets your current and future needs, providing you with the best solution and a competitive edge for your business performance.

Consulting engagement areas can include

NTT ICT’s Consulting services is for businesses who

Here is a sample on 5 day engagement model could look like for you.

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Audit: This one or two day engagement typically reviews existing documentation and records pertaining to the current state infrastructure. Where possible, missing information and gaps in data will be completed to enable an as built layout to be drawn or analysis and workshops to be carried out.

Workshop: Workshops are typically half day sessions facilitated by a consultant and attended by the key stakeholder able to provide the required information. This presents the opportunity to benefit from the consultants design knowledge and entertain concept level ideas around the business and technical requirements. The second half day is used to write up the output of the workshop and communicate out to stakeholders and attendees.

Analysis: During this stage the current state position is considered against the business and technical requirements to identify the top roadmap options and present in the context of Alignment to requirements, risk, ROI and benefits.

Design: During this stage a concept level design of the infrastructure and the required services are drawn up, providing a more detailed view of a proposed future state. From this level of detail, it will be possible to understand the technology / feature set requirements, potential vendor solutions that may fit the design and get a high level understanding of the required budget to procure and build the solution.

Document: This stage of the engagement can be used to present as built, analysis and recommendations based on outcomes from previous stages. All documentation is provided as a living template from which the organisation can continue to update and review in order to maintain its value.

Presentation: This one day block provides a formal face to face presentation to key stakeholders in a 2-4 hour meeting. A slide deck will be provided outlining key outputs from the previous 4 days consulting.

This five-day engagement is an ideal way of obtaining the initial high-level direction essential for the future planning of your IT.

Evidence, analysis and forward thinking. Five days consulting for $4,000 – Enquire now by filling in your details and one our consulting team members within 48 hours.


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Your five days of consulting services will include a combination of audit, analysis, documentation, workshops and presentations that will assist you to protect the future of your business.

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Professional Consulting service are provided by a team of leading technical architects and can include analysis of:

emailNetwork virtualisation

emailInfrastructure convergence

emailMicrosoft infrastructure software

emailCloud readiness

emailData migration

emailStorage, disaster recovery & backup