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Are We Prepared for the New Industrial Revolution?

The accelerated, unpredictable and unprecedented change in technology is driving us to new industrial revolution. In this ever-evolving Internet of Everything, Digital Everything world, ability to anticipate and prepare for the disruptive technology and impact thereof on the overall IT strategy of the businesses and employment is increasingly critical for organisations and individuals.

Technologies that will Transform the Global Economy by 2025

With so many technologies emerging on so many fronts driving transformations across industries is a real challenge.
Technologies below contribute significantly to transformation in the new industrial revolution and will force companies to rethink the way they run their businesses, especially in APAC. The disruptive changes by these technologies will not only influence the changes in business models but also fuel a significant increase in new job creation and job displacement, increase in productivity and widened the gap in the skill sets.

Solutions to these problems could be many but to keep pace with the developments in the technology and continue to manage, optimize the current technological assets is equally challenging. While keeping eye on the future disruption in technology, organizations need to build, develop, manage and nurture the human talent that can make most of the current available resources.

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