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HyperSimple. HyperEfficient. HyperProtected.

This is the HPE SimpliVity HyperGuarantee.

Apps are growing 5x faster than IT can deliver, managing the IT stack consumes 80% of time and budgets, and cloud expenses are increasing rapidly, causing significant strain on IT resources for many organisations. IT operations can now be streamlined at a fraction of the cost of traditional and public cloud solutions with HPE SimpliVity. By combining your IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated all-flash solution, HPE SimpliVity is a hyperconverged powerhouse that is powerful, simple to use that can efficiently deliver the technology your organisation needs.

Solve your main IT infrastructure challenges

The power of hyperconvergence lies in the full consolidation of your software and hardware devices. Achieve dramatic improvements in data efficiency, availability, complexity, and costs.

  • Optimise and simplify IT towards more flexible infrastructure and data centres
  • Accelerate backups and restore with near continuous data protection
  • Simplify disaster recovery with efficient replication and automated failover
  • Protect remote offices and branch offices (ROBO)
  • Modernise applications development and deployment to get to market quickly
  • Easily package and migrate new workloads for the launch of new cloud services
  • Maximise cluster server availability and performance, and improve infrastructure scalability

Watch the video to learn how HPE SimpliVity works.



Guaranteed reduction of storage capacity by 90% with always-on deduplication and compression. Backup or restore a 1TB VM in under 60 seconds.

See how dedupe works


Purpose-built for vitual environments, all operations are managed through the familiar VMWare vCenter™ so no new expertise is needed.

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All IT infrastructure is included under the hypervisor layer in a single building block. Data centre devices can be reduced by 10:1 and TCO can be reduced by 69%.

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Running VMs on HPE SimpliVity provides up to 55% lower TCO over three years than AWS running the same VMs.

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Patrick Case Study

Patrick Switch Portside Operations to Hyperconverged in Under a Month

“A lot of that impressive timeline comes down to the quality of the SimpliVity platform –the ability to process and manage the real-time operation of numerous 70-tonne auto-straddle carriers with minimal latency and zero outages – but NTT ICT’s solution architects deserve credit for both understanding that technology and aligning it to our relatively complex, high-stakes needs. And they did so at an extremely affordable price point – so much so that we were able to purchase additional SimpliVity hardware that we initially expected, allowing us to add the extra levels of redundancy to the system that we’d always wanted.”

- Adrian Sandrin, CIO of Patrick

Scale your Virtual Desktops effortlessly

With the advent of server virtualisation, data centre administrators were able to almost completely replicate their physical servers inside software with little to no loss of functionality. That was applied to desktops to achieve a more personalised user experience. However, that was littered with several challenges; significant storage I/O operations, incomplete data protection and the high investment required for linear scaling obstructed the dreams of an efficient desktop environment.

That is, until hyperconverged infrastructure came along. Hyperconverged infrastructure enables linear resource scalability which meant VDI environments could keep pace with business growth. Performance dramatically improves with in-built deduplication and compression, and complete data protection capabilities ensures VDI-based desktop systems enjoy backup and replication for users’ persistent desktops.

Simplivity Most Complete HCI Platform

HPE SimpliVity - the world's most complete hyperconverged infrastructure platform

HPE SimpliVity 380

The industry's most complete hyperconverged solution with policy-based, VM-centric management and always-on compression and deduplication.

SimpliVity380 2node  CRN Product of the Year 2017

Read the Solution Brief Read the Data Sheet

Try out this calculator!

Fill out all the fields below to discover how much HPE SimpliVity will save you compared to your current legacy stack

    • Hypervisor
    • Storage Base
    • Storage (per TB)
    • Storage Network
    • Backup Software
    • Backup Server
    • Orchestration SW / VM
    • Power and Cooling (per KW per month)
    • Management
    • VMware Licensing (per host)
    • SimpliVity Node
    • $40,000.00
    • $40,000.00
    • $4,500.00
    • $20,000.00
    • $7,000.00
    • $25,000.00
    • $1,500.00
    • $500.00
    • $130,000.00
    • $3,200.00
    • $55,000.00

Too good to be true?
Get the industry's only HyperGuarantee

Only HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure delivers the enterprise-class performance, protection, and resiliency that you require, with the cloud economics your business demands. As a proof point of the platform's maturity and what our capabilities can do for our customers, HPE offers one of the industry’s most complete guarantees.

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Achieve 90% capacity savings across storage and backup combined compared to traditional solutions.


Complete a local backup or local restore of a 1TB VM in less than one minute on average.


You need only three clicks to back up, restore, move, or clone a VM, all from a single console.


You will be able to create or update backup policies for 1000s of VMs across dozens of sites in less than a minute.


You will be able to add or replace HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged systems

  • Without any downtime for local or remote sites.
  • Without any disruption to local or remote HPE SimpliVity backups.
  • Without any reconfiguration of HPE SimpliVity and backup policies for local or remote sites.
  • Without the need to reenter any IP addresses in remote sites.

No gimmicks, separate contracts, or additional steps

Best-in-class HPE Solutions for success

NTT ICT is one of HPE's largest accredited partners. The relationship was formed in 2002, and we work together to provide solutions to a vast number of clients. 

As a Platinum Partner, NTT ICT holds the highest level of certification and accreditation, and invests heavily in resources to support the full breadth of products that HPE have to offer. 

We offer end-to-end lifecycle management of your IT infrastructure encompassing Procurement, Warehousing, Deployment, Maintenance and Professional Services. This means we are able to assist with the design and development of the solution, right through to purchase and even managing HPE Maintenance contracts to ensure that you get the solution you need for success.


 HPE Platinum

Hyper Converged

Designed and delivered by HPE-certified people to help you achieve your business outcomes quicker while reducing infrastructure and operations TCO.

Get the advice right for you

We collaborate with your team to provide a deployment plan based on industry best practices that are aligned to your specific requirements so you are assured the solution works.

Migrate your data easily

ISO27001 certified to handle your data with the utmost care based on industry best practices, we can assist with your data migration from legacy infrastructure to HPE SimpliVity.

Single point of contact

We offer a full end-to-end experience from consulting to design to purchase, delivery and implementation, and life-cycle management so you can have a dedicated account manager.

Learn more about how we can support your infrastructure

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Have a chat with us to see if SimpliVity will be a good fit for your organisation.

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