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Features and Benefits of Cloud Control

Deliver IT Faster
Use orchestration to deploy or retire resources from existing templates, track resources in a common service catalogue, start or stop resources, and make changes to resource CPU, memory or disk from a common service tool.

Reduce Troubleshooting Time
Simplify trouble shooting with a single management view across distributed resources. Use “smart-state” analysis to find detailed resource information quickly and “drift” analysis to show a history of resource changes.

Reduce Cost of Ownership
Enables your IT team to reduce resource usage and cost with detailed utilisation data and “right-sizing” analytics. Orchestration and automation functions means your IT team focuses its precious time on adding value over configuration and maintenance tasks.

Simpler Security Compliance
Simplify compliance. Your policy manager can track key resource characteristics such as acceptable location, operating system version, packaging (and many others) and alerting – and take action in the event of any change outside of policy.

Accelerate DevOps Benefits
Get access to DevOps functionality with lower cost, risk and time than doing it yourself. DevOps engineers are in demand and it’s difficult and expensive to find the right people to deploy your own DevOps. Get the benefits of DevOps with Cloud Control.

Features and Benefits of Cloud Management Platform

Accelerate IT Decision Making
Collect all of your operational and commercial IT information in one place; group information by customer, application, organisational unit or custom business logic; and use the built-in analytics to simplify and display IT information via user-definable dashboards.

Optimise Costs
Analytics can be employed to understand current spend and utilisation and predict future trends. Capacity thresholds can be set to alert you to the risk of overspending against budgets

Deliver a better customer experience
A central point of visibility helps organisations identify issues before they become incidents, isolate causes of incidents faster, and identify potential capacity shortfalls before they create customer downtime.

Easier Compliance
Deploy alert rule sets for when critical data is moved to geographic or cloud locations outside of business and compliance rules.

Eliminate Shadow IT
Allows you to consume a broader range of IT services than traditionally delivered by in-house IT – while still maintaining environmental control.

Security and Accreditation

NTT ICT's strengths is our ability to deliver solutions which are compliant with ISM/PSPF and ISO/IEC 27001 environments.

All of our data centres are compliant with:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System;
  • ISO/IEC 9001 Quality Management System and
  • ISO/IEC 14001Environmental Management System

Our cloud and managed services are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified in the government data centres.
Government clearance: We operate platforms up to Protected level and maintain personnel who are baseline security cleared.

We can also provide a fully data sovereign service with 24x7 Australian based engineering, architecture and security services.

Why NTT ICT For Government

  • We can provide a fully data sovereign service with 24 x 7 Australian based engineering, architecture and security services.
  • NTT Group is financially stable and has a strong credit rating. Our Standard and Poor rating of AA is the highest of any telecommunications company worldwide and in a growth market we are making acquisitions, not being acquired.
  • NTT’s financial strength means that we can take on commercial risk to help you better manage day to day operations or transform your IT.
  • Every year NTT Group spend $2.5Bn on research and development across our Japanese research facility and our Silicon Valley based Innovation institute and in new product development within customer facing business units.
  • We are also recognised by the analysts as an industry leader


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