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Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service products provide you with integrated utility services that can be connected to your environment. Remove the hassle of managing your own storage, database platform or offsite data backup. Our PaaS service empower your agency to consume these services without the need to manage hardware and infrastructure.

The greatest advantage of using a PaaS environment is the reduced cost and faster speed of service development and management.

In addition, a PaaS makes is quick to deploy and does not require a large initial investment, giving you access to the benefits of a large scale platform without having to build it yourself. Our PaaS services are available on month to month billing options, enabling your projects begin as a small flexible startup and scale up on-demand.

NTT ICT offers a number of PaaS such as Archive as a Service, DBaaS, BaaS and Storage as a Service.

Features & Benefits of NTT ICT's Archive as a Service

  • Low-cost off-site storage to free up priority resources;
  • Configurable policies for whether data is to be deleted after a certain time period or kept indefinitely;
  • Indexed archived data that allows you to quickly search for data via an easy-to-use self-service portal; and
  • Integration into existing systems in a secure fashion, including single sign-on through Active Directory, and integration into Outlook clients.

Features of NTT ICT's Database Management as a Service

  • Database infrastructure administration services for Oracle, Microsoft and Open source database frees up time for in-house database administrators;
  • Database as a service on shared or dedicated Oracle engineered systems;
  • Flexible levels of self-management and reporting available, tailored to suit the requirements of your agency;
  • 24 x 365 monitoring and priority 1 incident management;
  • Database migration and transformation services;
  • Options for inter-state or international DR; and
  • Flexible billing models available, backed by platform availability SLA's.

Backup as a Service

With a massive amount of data and the equally huge importance of that data, organisations must be able to back up and recover data easily and effectively. NTT ICT’s Backup as a Service solution addresses a variety of requirements you may have in your agency, from including offline copies of data for DR and BCP purposes to regulatory compliance where applicable.

This enterprise-grade managed service is designed to ensure data is copied to a remote location in a secure fashion, and is stored in a way that meets all your security and compliance requirements.

NTT ICT Fed Gov Backup As A Service

Features & Benefits of NTT ICT's Storage as a Service

  • High performance SLA backup Tier 0 storage;
  • Low cost bulk storage;
  • Cost-efficient off-site storage to free up priority resources or provide additional capability; and
  • Availability of tiered storage options.

Security and Accreditation

NTT ICT's strengths is our ability to deliver solutions which are compliant with ISM/PSPF and ISO/IEC 27001 environments.

All of our data centres are compliant with:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System;
  • ISO/IEC 9001 Quality Management System and
  • ISO/IEC 14001Environmental Management System

Our cloud and managed services are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified in the government data centres.
Government clearance: We operate platforms up to Protected level and maintain personnel who are baseline security cleared.

We can also provide a fully data sovereign service with 24x7 Australian based engineering, architecture and security services.

Why NTT ICT For Government

  • We can provide a fully data sovereign service with 24 x 7 Australian based engineering, architecture and security services.
  • NTT Group is financially stable and has a strong credit rating. Our Standard and Poor rating of AA is the highest of any telecommunications company worldwide and in a growth market we are making acquisitions, not being acquired.
  • NTT’s financial strength means that we can take on commercial risk to help you better manage day to day operations or transform your IT.
  • Every year NTT Group spend $2.5Bn on research and development across our Japanese research facility and our Silicon Valley based Innovation institute and in new product development within customer facing business units.
  • We are also recognised by the analysts as an industry leader


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