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NTT ICT Fed Gov Team


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Our Federal Government team focuses on government agencies like you who are quality and risk sensitive and where IT is critical, not just important. NTT ICT is an ICT provider delivering a broad range of services that underpin your applications, connect your communities of interest whilst enabling your people and things and protect your digital assets.

Put a name to the face and meet the team at our Canberra Office.

We are located on the Ground Floor of 19 Barry Drive, Turner, ACT 2612 - Google Map


Why NTT ICT For Government

  • We can provide a fully data sovereign service with 24 x 7 Australian based engineering, architecture and security services.
  • NTT Group is financially stable and has a strong credit rating. Our Standard and Poor rating of AA is the highest of any telecommunications company worldwide and in a growth market we are making acquisitions, not being acquired.
  • NTT’s financial strength means that we can take on commercial risk to help you better manage day to day operations or transform your IT.
  • Every year NTT Group spend $2.5Bn on research and development across our Japanese research facility and our Silicon Valley based Innovation institute and in new product development within customer facing business units.
  • We are also recognised by the analysts as an industry leader


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Colocation often makes business sense. The economies of scale achieved in a purpose-built data centre far outweigh the benefits of trying to keep it all under your own roof. It’s cost-effective and offers you high performance, reliability, availability, security, flexibility and service levels.

With NTT ICT you can leverage hosting of world-class quality to collocate your IT applications, networking equipment and business continuity solution across our data centres. We have locations across Australia in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. We also have stong global data centre presence.

NTT ICT’s data centres have been built to the highest industry standards and fitted with advanced security and performance features. They meet Tier III requirements as classified by the Uptime Institute and are directly connected to our industry-leading IPv6 compliant, Tier 1, global IP network backbone.

With infrastructure engineered to a minimum of fully redundant N+1 or N+N standards, we ensure business continuity and the availability of your IT systems with no single point of failure. Advanced cooling and humidity control provide an optimal environment for server infrastructure.

Infrastructure Services

Looking to procure the latest server, monitors, hardware or seeking hard to find Infrastructure? 

We even have experience creating custom delivery of complex infrastructure. 

NTT ICT has a dedicated team focused on assisting agencies to procure the best technology under the panel agreements.  

  1. Whole-of-Government ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel (ICT Hardware Panel
  2. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Software and Hardware Panel

We partner with the world’s leading technology brands to provide you with choice, value for money and an end to end delivery service anywhere you require. 

We also run our own Warehouse facility in Melbourne and Canberra. Our warehouse capabilities include, 

  • Hardware installation
  • Deployment
  • Delivery 
  • Relocation services 
  • Logistics control
  • Asset tagging



Security and Accreditation

NTT ICT's strengths is our ability to deliver solutions which are compliant with ISM/PSPF and ISO/IEC 27001 environments.

All of our data centres are compliant with:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System;
  • ISO/IEC 9001 Quality Management System and
  • ISO/IEC 14001Environmental Management System

Our cloud and managed services are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified in the government data centres.
Government clearance: We operate platforms up to Protected level and maintain personnel who are baseline security cleared.

We can also provide a fully data sovereign service with 24x7 Australian based engineering, architecture and security services.

Government Solutions Made Easy.

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