NTT Communications ICT Solutions to Transform Network Services in Australia with the Launch of SD-WAN


NTT ICT’s SD-WAN service to underpin a digital transformation agenda giving businesses better performance, enhanced security with more choice, flexibility and control over their network infrastructure than ever before. 

Sydney, Australia – 21 June 2017 NTT Communications ICT Solutions (NTT ICT) announced today the launch of its SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) service, one of the first of its kind in Australia. Globally, NTT achieved a critical industry milestone and became the world’s first provider to deploy a 100% global software defined network enabling overlay SD-WAN service. The service is a game changer in networking - enabling the network to keep up with businesses’ digital transformation agenda, by providing improved performance, enhanced security with unprecedented levels of choice, flexibility and value than ever before.

NTT ICT’s SD-WAN platform creates an intelligent, virtual “overlay” network across a range of fibre, copper and mobile based “underlay” networks allowing it to optimise the transmission of different types of data through the most efficient and effective pathways at any given time. The innovative architecture does not replace existing fixed and mobile connections; it abstracts them away so that traffic can be optimised and functionality introduced to better support the growth of modern traffic to cloud based applications like Office 365, and

Tarquin Bellinger, Chief Operating Officer, NTT ICT said;

“We are delighted to introduce an enterprise focused SD-WAN in Australia. We are increasingly seeing enterprises’ networks struggling to cope with the growth of cloud data, increasing security threats and spiralling costs.  As a cloud and network provider, we are responsible for addressing these challenges, which is why we believe SD-WAN is so crucial to the future of networking for Australian organisations.”

Most importantly, SD-WAN intelligently identifies and prioritises different forms of Internet bound traffic, prioritising business-critical workloads such as Office 365, over less critical traffic like This enables network managers to provide a better user experience without having to buy excessive amounts of bandwidth.

Also, businesses can better segregate and protect their traffic, keeping sensitive transactions secure and separate from generic web data, while also maintaining the security of data at all points in the network.

“Traditional architectural approaches were not designed to support current digital trends. Our SD-WAN offering provides the ability to intelligently prioritise traffic in line with business demands on an application-by-application basis across complex networks and multiple geographic locations. At the end of the day, SD-WAN allows the IT team to deliver a positive user experience without blowing the budget.”

First Use Case in Australia: Blue Illusion

NTT ICT is seeing success with its SD-WAN solution in Australia. Fashion and homeware boutique, Blue Illusion, adopted SD-WAN to deploy their ERP and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) across 127 stores globally to provide greater communication through higher speeds and network redundancy.

“We were initially looking at a more traditional MPLS with 4G backup, but NTT ICT proposed an SD-WAN solution over DSL which piqued our interest,” said Sud Patel, IT Manager at Blue Illusion. “After doing our own research, we found strong precedent for such solutions in other retail markets: GAP, for example, had already deployed over 1,500 sites using SD-WAN. We were quite happy to be the first to pilot this sort of SD-WAN solution in Australia with NTT ICT by our side.”

“The solution has helped us future-proof the business with much greater flexibility, both from the SD-WAN technology and NTT ICT’s service itself,” says Patel. “Our core ERP, for example, runs on a platform that most vendors don’t provide the environment to spin up on. NTT ICT was flexible enough to offer that environment and connect it to the broader SD-WAN configuration. They’ve brought full transparency with processes to everything they touch – I’d have no qualms recommending them to any business investing in digital transformation,” Patel added.

“Blue Illusion looks set to gain a valuable first-mover advantage over other Australian retailers once its SD-WAN comes online, giving it the network capacity and agility to act on customer opportunities faster than its competitors can at an affordable price,” said Bellinger.

Bellinger believes SD WAN has a bright future in the telecommunications world as SD-WAN will give businesses the freedom and flexibility to choose service providers that deliver the best value, faster deployment, enhanced security and an optimised network which results in a better experience for the end-user.

“We are happy to see how Blue Illusion has been developing through the implementation process. We expect to see more customers accessing our SD-WAN solution to free the network as part of their digital transformation journey.”

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