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Collaborative Security

Your fastest path to a stronger security posture in cloud

Secure by Design

  • Mature automation framework allows infrastructure to be deployed securely first time
  • OS hardening enforced through code for greater security

Threat Management

  • Security incident and event management
  • Log management and monitoring
  • Threat intelligence 
  • 24 X 365 security operations centre
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Web application firewall

Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Tailored patch management
  • Network / Host intrusion detection and prevention

Data Sovereignty

  • Options for 100% on shore delivery
  • Host data in any Australian Azure region, including DR

Software Defined Security In Practice - Operating Systems

We harness automation to make your public cloud environments easier to operate

Tailored design

  • Create design from hardened configurations which are proven


Procure and deploy

  • Modify hardening to meet specific requirements (T&M) 
  • Connect configurations to proven repositories


  • Regularly scan resources for vulnerabilities
  • Apply patches from known repositories


  • Inspect provenance of configurations from deploy to operate


  • New best practice recommendations deployed

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