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Collaborative Security

Your fastest path to a stronger security posture in Azure

Secure by Design

  • Mature automation framework allows infrastructure to be deployed securely first time
  • OS hardening enforced through code

Threat Management

  • Security incident and event management
  • Log management and monitoring
  • Threat intelligence from the NTT Global Internet Network
  • 24 X 365 Security operations centre
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Web application firewall

Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Tailored Patch management
  • Network / Host intrusion detection and prevention

Data Sovereignty

  • Options for 100% on shore delivery
  • Able to host data in any Australian Azure region, including DR

Software Defined Security In Practice - Operating Systems

NTT rely heavily on automation to make your public cloud environments easier to operate

Tailored design

  • Create design from proven, hardened configurations


Procure and deploy

  • Modify hardening to meet specific requirements (T&M) 
  • Connect configurations to known good repositories


  • Regularly scan resources for vulnerabilities
  • Apply patches from known good repositories


  • Inspect provenance of configurations from deploy to operate


  • New best practice recommendations deployed

Talk with our security professionals if you need advice on securing operating systems.

Opportunities to engage

Find out how NTT Secure Cloud is your fastest path to a stronger security posture in public cloud.

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