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Why Agile Infrastructure? Defined.

NTT built its business on automation and a software-defined vision to meet business requirements

Deliver faster

Reduce TCO

Improve user experience

Enhance security

Attract IT talent

NTT Smart Cloud in Practice

NTT rely heavily on automation to make public cloud environments easier to operate 


Tailored design

  • Create designs from pre-proven software-driven configs to meet your specific requirements

Procure and deploy

  • Deploy resources from automation systems for the first time
  • Self service deployment of  new resources from the “Cloud control” portal


  • Resource configurations are patched from automation systems
  • Stop or start resources and change resource sizing from Cloud control


  • Access to up to date performance metrics from the service portal
  • Use deployment and change history to make  compliance easier


  • Run right-sizing algorithm's to identify optimization opportunities from “Cloud control”

Use your service team, online portal or API to get things done when you need it.

NTT Smart Cloud Management Platform

The NTT automation platform enables clients to effectively manage their public and private environments

management platform2

Software defined management drives lower TCO

Automated operational management significantly lowers TCO throughout the lifecycle

TCO NTT Smart Cloud

Opportunities to engage

Find out how NTT Smart Cloud relies heavily on automation to make your cloud environments easier to operate. 

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