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Project In February 2016, global information services company Equifax closed its acquisition of Veda, Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of credit information and analysis. The acquisition saw Veda gain access to advanced data and analytics platforms from Equifax, allowing it to provide more comprehensive intelligence to its customers across a...

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Hantec Markets (Australia)

A business of Hantec Group and headquartered in Hong Kong, Hantec Markets (Australia) provides trading services in foreign exchange, bullion contracts and derivatives. The business has more than 100 employees globally and about 15 in Australia, according to Arthur Chau, IT Officer, Hantec Markets (Australia). “We have been in this...

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Arts Centre Melbourne

In August 2015, Arts Centre Melbourne hosted an event that involved a corporate client streaming video of events on-site to its customers worldwide. However, the streaming service failed for nearly a day and a half and no workarounds were available, damaging Arts Centre Melbourne’s reputation. Arts Centre Melbourne turned to...

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I found NTT to be highly professional, very knowledgeable & able to understand the complexities of a banking environment

John O'Neill

John O'Neill

IT Manager, Transcomm Credit Union

NTT Communications ICT Solutions partners with Nimble Storage to enhance their cloud, utility and managed service offering

Sydney, Australia – 28 April 2017- NTT Communications ICT Solutions (NTT ICT) have today announced new storage services based on Nimble Storage’s All Flash Systems for their Utility, Cloud and Managed services customers, harnessing the  performance of the Nimble’s intelligent Predictive Cloud Platform™. Nimble Storage as a partner gives NTT ICT...

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Is your data growth exploding? Here’s how to manage it.

24 February 2017 William Rusin

Organisations are increasingly coming up against the issue of organic data growth. Over time, the amount of data increases exponentially, along with the costs for storage and protection. What do you need to be aware of and how can you manage it?

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Creating a Connected World

NTT ICT (NTT Communications ICT Solutions) is a premium global IT provider that delivers solutions for enterprise and government clients who care about the quality of their services in Australia and globally. NTT ICT is a long-term thinker, a strategic advisor and, for many companies, a gateway to Asia and the rest of the world.

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